Does Meyers have a warranty?

All Meyers jewelry is covered by a one year warranty from the date of purchase. If the item is a specific brand that carries a longer warranty that will then apply. For example Breitling Watch carries either a 2 year or 5 year warranty depending on the model, therefore that will be the length of your warranty. At Meyers jewelers we have a 5 day return policy and a 30 day exchange policy, all from the date of purchase.

What is the quality of diamonds Meyers uses?

Most Meyers designs use diamonds with SI clarity and G color. Of course, the beauty of Meyers's designs is that we can customize to the customer's specific needs, so the customer is welcome to choose their own quality of diamond.If the piece of jewelry is brand specific then the quality will depend on the brand.

What metals can I get jewelry from Meyers in?

We pride ourselves in designing rings that are made from almost every metal. Nearly all Meyers jewelry can be found in Platinum, 18k gold , 14k gold, Palladium, and Tungsten Carbide Steel. As far as color goes we offer white gold,yellow gold, and rose gold.

Why don't Meyers rings include the center stone?

Every bride-to-be has their own discerning and unique taste in a ring. At Meyers, we leave choosing the stone to them. This gives brides the opportunity to choose clarity, cut, size and color - and makes their piece truly one-of-a-kind.

Can I customize my Meyers ring?

We specialize in custom orders designed to be your "dream ring!" We realize that customers have different tastes and different needs, and we do our best to cater to those requests. *Custom orders such as custom engagement rings and custom wedding rings do often take longer to create and there may be added costs, depending on the specifications of the project.

To special order custom jewelry from Meyers, please visit our Meyers store to speak in-depth with one of the family about customizing the piece of jewelry you have always dreamed of.

The turnaround time for special order rings will likely be between 2-4 weeks.

How long does it take to make a Meyers custom piece of jewelry?

In 2 - 3 weeks, Meyers can deliver a truly custom piece of jewelry.

How do I become a fan of Meyers on Facebook?

Our Facebook fans are the first to know about the latest Meyers designs. Fans get to see daily content about the latest jewelry, wedding, and Meyers news! We also share events created by our retailers. If you're on Facebook, click here to join the hundreds of Meyers fans and to get access to exclusive content.

Where else can I receive Meyers news?

Our Twitter account complements our Facebook page. Together, they provide our customers with the latest in engagement news. We share great engagement and wedding content from all over the web. Don't have a Twitter? You can still access our Twitter feed via our Facebook page, which features a live stream of our tweets.

What if my question isn't answered here?

We're here! Just drop us an email (click here) and we'll respond to you with the great care an attention we have been giving customers for the last 50 years.