Lab-Grown Diamonds

At Meyers Jewelers, we are proud to create pristine, eye-catching diamonds for stunning pieces of jewelry. We offer some of the highest-quality diamonds on the market and can customize any stone based on the color, cut, shape, and size that you prefer. Lab-grown diamonds like ours are disrupting the traditional diamond industry; they are more affordable and sustainable than ever before.

Many people wonder about the differences between natural and synthetic diamonds, but you wont have to compromise on quality—quite the opposite. Our dazzling diamonds hold the same chemical and physical properties as natural diamonds at a fraction of the cost and demand for labor. We are passionate about delivering gorgeous results through sustainable, affordable practices. Contact us today to order the one-of-a-kind diamond youve envisioned!

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How Are Lab-grown Diamonds Made? 

The history of lab-grown diamond technology dates back to the mid-20th century when scientists and engineers first began exploring ways to create synthetic diamonds in a laboratory setting. The earliest attempts involved high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) techniques, which involved subjecting carbon to intense heat and pressure to mimic the conditions in which natural diamonds form deep in the Earth's mantle.

The first successful synthesis of diamonds in a laboratory was achieved in the 1950s by General Electric (GE) researchers. By the 1980s, the technology had advanced to the point where large gem-quality diamonds could be produced using HPHT techniques.

Another method for producing lab-grown diamonds, known as chemical vapor deposition (CVD), was developed in the 1980s. This technique involves depositing a thin layer of diamond onto a substrate by introducing a gas containing carbon atoms into a vacuum chamber. Technicians then use a variety of energy sources to excite the gas and cause it to deposit onto a substrate.

Over the past few decades, synthetic diamond technology has continued to evolve and improve. Leading companies invest in research and development to create larger, higher-quality diamonds using both HPHT and CVD methods. Today, lab-grown diamonds are widely available in the jewelry market and are seen as an appealing alternative to natural diamonds.

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Are Lab-grown Diamonds Better Than Natural Diamonds?

While natural diamonds hold symbolic value for their rarity and beauty, lab-grown diamonds are highly comparable in quality, if not better overall. We create our diamonds with affordability and sustainability foremost in mind. Our mission is to provide you with precious, unique pieces of jewelry that are both budget-friendly and environmentally friendly.

We also love taking custom orders; if you can envision it, chances are we can make it!


Perhaps the largest appeal of lab-grown diamonds is that they are more sustainable than natural diamonds. The process of mining natural diamonds can have significant negative impacts on the environment and can also lead to human rights abuses in certain areas. 

Synthetic diamonds are produced in a controlled setting and do not involve the same level of environmental damage or human labor. They also require less energy to produce than natural diamonds and can be made using renewable energy sources. 


The other major appeal of lab-grown diamonds is that they are generally more affordable than natural diamonds of similar quality, especially since growing diamonds in a lab is less expensive than mining them from the earth. For an environmentally conscious and economically oriented generation, this option is an obvious win.

Of course, the cost can vary depending on the quality, size, and color of the diamonds, but overall, synthetic diamonds are more accessible to buyers and collectors alike.


Diamonds are valued based on systematic measurements of carat, cut, color, and clarity. Because lab-grown diamonds are produced in a controlled environment, they tend to have more consistent quality and fewer impurities than natural diamonds. This gives lab-grown diamonds a higher level of clarity than most natural diamonds.

Compared to a flawed, natural stone, you can instead enjoy a diamond that has richer color, higher purity, and better overall appearance.


Synthetic diamond technology is constantly evolving, with new techniques and processes being developed to create larger, higher-quality diamonds. This means that buyers may have access to cutting-edge diamond technology that is not yet available in the natural diamond market.

Meyers Jewelers can also customize and adapt lab diamonds based on your preferences, in ways that are not always possible with natural diamonds. As we continue to explore the world of lab-grown gem technology, the possibilities are becoming as endless as the imagination!

Finding the Perfect Diamond

Whether you prefer natural diamonds or are interested in the benefits of beautiful, lab-created diamonds, Meyers Jewelers is happy to help you find the perfect gemstone for your jewelry. Contact us today to learn more about our processes, view our gallery for inspiration, or place a custom order for your dream diamond!

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