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I read the review above and disagree totally. I took my inexpensive watch in to get sized and have a battery replaced. They were friendly and talked to me as if they had known me for years. It was a fast repair and I was shocked when they told me the charge was just $10.00 that they donated it to St. Jude Childrens Hospital. I had an amazing experience and I will be going back for all of my shopping and also refer them to anyone looking for a good family owned jeweler.
Ashley C.
Grove City, OH
I had a very positive experience with Meyers Jewelers. I worked with Jeff Myers, and he was courteous, professional, and gave a very concerted effort in working with me on several occasions that demonstrated his dedication. I would definitely recommend Myers Jewelers for any prospective jewelry shoppers.
Michael P.
Canal Winchester, OH
Every time I go to Meyers is a positive experience. My fiancé bought my engagement ring here with help from Shawn and she has been amazing every time we've gone back. I love the selection of jewelry and the friendly, professional service we get every time we are there. The staff knows our names and what styles of things we prefer. Meyers really gives us a personalized experience every time we stop by!
Frankie G.
Columbus, OH
We will be customers for life! We have worked with everyone at Meyers and every time have been treated with so much respect and all attention has been on us, whether we were just popping in for a cleaning or picking out my wedding band that was not so quick lol They are very respectful of our budget every time and always give us the lowest price they can yet still giving us a good piece of jewelry! The experience we've had ever time has been a very personal and positive! They aren't just there to sell jewelry they really enjoy making people happy!

I don't have a single bad thing to say!

Chelsea W.
Amanda, OH
I have been all over town and internet to look for a diamond and Meyers Jewelers by far had the best choices. They will have my business for life. The staff was so helpful and non high pressured like the rest i went to. overall great experience.
Jeff W.
Columbus, OH
Meyers Jewelers is my "go to" jeweler. Their store is awesome and their sales staff always treats me like I am royalty. I have bought many items over the years including gifts for my employees, watches for myself, gifts for my family, and even a custom designed engagement ring for my wife. Most recently I bought her an all diamond eternity ring for our anniversary. It is beautiful! Sure, there are other jewelry stores, but it is the Meyers' shopping experience and quality product at a great price that keeps me coming back. I also appreciate the ability to deal with one of the owners if I have a special request or concern.
Scott P.
Columbus, OH
When I mentioned to a co-worker that I was looking for an engagement ring for my girlfriend, he enthusiastically referred me to Meyers, raving about his previous experiences with them. He called the store right then and there and introduced me to Scott, and I stopped in later that same evening.

I worked with Scott exclusively throughout my selection process, which took 2 visits. He was extremely knowledgable about the merchandise, non-agressive, and patient with me. By the time I picked up the ring I was sure I had selected the right one.

Prior to stopping in at Meyers, I had done almost all of my ring shopping online. This was partly due to my work schedule, but mainly out of the dread of having to deal with the stereotypical "used car salesman" type with dollar signs in their eyes. Thankfully, my experience at Meyers was the complete opposite of that.

My girlfriend and I are now engaged, and she absolutely LOVES her ring! We've already decided we'll be back when it's time for wedding bands! Highly recommended!
Dan L.
Blacklick, OH
I went in to look for an engagement ring, planning on just looking around and then heading to a couple other Jewlery stores in Columbus until I met with one of the staff members and 9 months later i have purchased the engagment ring, wedding band,my wedding band and plan on getting gifts for our mothers from there. They are the best Jeweler in Central Ohio in my opinion. We had to have the rings resized and it didn't cost a dime, they clean it for free and dipped the ring again for free whenever we need it. Great service and they really try to work with you of you are on a budget. This is the place to go if you need a jeweler. Always my first recommendation.
Matthew S.
Grove City, OH
First off I want to take a second to address one of the above reviews...

A tungsten ring is NOT able to be resized and the disappointment in finding this out is not necessarily indicative of anything Meyers did or didn't do. I wear a tungsten ring myself and they are great in so many ways, but one down side is they are not re-sizable, what I do is purchase a second ring and that way with fluctuations in my ring size I'm covered.

My experience with Meyers was my best jewelry buying experience I have ever had. I have purchased more than one engagement ring in my life (I wish yelp would let me review my exs...). I had purchased my Fiancés diamond at one jeweler and her engagment ring at a mall store. We first came to Meyers because she won a free ring for me at a bridal show and I was in to pick out my new tungsten ring. While there we talked to Jeff and Scott about the poor customer service we received and high mark up I felt I was getting from the mall store. The folks at Meyers worked hard to earn my business and they presented options such as making a custom wedding band for my fiancé to match her engagement ring. Long story short they were able to modify an off the shelf wedding band they had in stock to be a perfect, yes perfect fit to the engagement band I purchased at the mall store. Jeff was able to make this happen in less than 3 days and he came in under budget. Having Meyers make this wedding band saved me @$500 vs what the mall store wanted for the same ring.

I admit I am picky when it comes to spending my hard earned money. And to be honest I usually don't write reviews. In fact I created a yelp account just to write this review. But these guys really worked hard for my business. They got the job done before they said they would and they got it done for less than they initially said they would. There was great communication the throughout the process, I don't live close, so the phone calls helped save me some driving.

I feel like I got quality jewelry, great service and a very fair price from Meyers jewelry. I would highly recommend to anyone in central Ohio to shop around, and bring your best deal to these guys, you won't regret it.

Thanks again Scott and Jeff, you have my business in the future.
Jason M.
Hebron, OH
This is the best place in Ohio to purchase an engagement ring and wedding bands!

I have lived in Columbus all my life so I am familiar with all the jewelry stores here. When it was time to purchase an engagement ring, I shopped at just about every store. However, many other stores had limited selection and lacked the knowledge and service I was seeking, even the stores that advertise otherwise. From the moment I walked into to Meyer's Jewelers, I was impressed with their immense selection and courteous staff. The manager who helped me, Shawn, went above and beyond anything I have ever experienced when shopping! She went over every ring in the store to help me find the right one. Scott and Jeff delivered the perfect center stone to go with the ring.

My wife has been extremely happy with her ring and also we purchased our wedding bands from Meyers. We have developed such a tremendous relationship that we will continue to go back. I would highly recommend to anyone interested in purchasing an engagement ring to visit Meyers; it is the premier location in Ohio.
Robert Charles O.
Columbus, OH
I can't say enough great things about Meyers Jewelers!! This is the ONLY store that I have ever shopped in where the owners actually work right along with the employees! I am always greeted by Jeff and Scott. I always purchase my jewelry here! It really is a great experience in this store! They are not pushy salespeople that just want my money they truly care for me as a customer!
Heidi L.
Grove City, OH
Meyers Jewelers has the kindest employees that I have ever met. They truly are a family business,but very professional, and I look forward to walking through their doors each and every time. I have been shopping there for over 18 years along with my whole family. Every item there is beautiful, and the customer service is the absolute best. I love Meyers Jewelers for shopping for any occasion or gift, and I highly recommend it!
Sarah B.
Columbus, OH
I have been a customer of Meyers Jewelers since they opened. I refuse to go anywhere else but there! I have purchased rings, earrings, necklaces, pandora, you name it and I bought it! The staff is fantastic, and their jewelry is amazing! I have never once had a problem! Anytime I needed to have a ring sized it never takes longer then a couple of days!
Mindy M.
Grove City, OH
Searched a lot of stores in the city and they are the best prices. Sales are straight shooters and not pushy. Told them my price point and they never showed me items out of the range. Bought an engagement ring from them and this will always be my first stop on any purchases going forward.
Alexandro V.
Northwest, Columbus, OH
I have had the best experience working with Meyers the past few months. I admittedly was not the easiest customer to deal with, yet I was always met with a smile and friendly service. Jeff was wonderful, and I ended up with a beautiful ring, that was exactly what I was looking for. We are very happy customers and will definitely be repeat customers.
Ashley W.
Columbus, OH
I have been shopping for something special for Christmas....shhhhhh...I have been impressed so far :)
Nancy V.
Grove City, OH
I went to Meyer's Jewelers today to get a new watchband. I had bought a watch in Thailand that I got compliments everywhere, but unfortunately the band broke.I had gone to a few places like Target or Kholes, but could not find anything I liked. I figured Meyer's Jewelers would have one or at least a catalog of watch bands, since they deal directly with watch makers. The man I talked to was in his 40's and had a pony tail. I walked up to him and said I needed a new watch band for a watch that is important to me. He took one look at it and said " yeah I probably don't have anything for you", without even measuring my watch. My response to him was "well then why can I go to places like Target and Walmart to get watch bands". He said oh well most makers have very specific watch bands that only fit their watches". I said well could you order something for me because I couldn't find this brand online. He replied with" yeah I would just go online and try and find that seller" when I had already said I couldn't find the make of the watch. He acted as if because my watch was not high end there was nothing that could be done. I then asked him if he could at least measure it for me. He said it was 19 and a half mm and that a 19 mm band would just look sloppy and a 20 mm band would be too big.I would have been more than happy to have payed 50 or 60 dollars for a watch band, when I originally payed 5 dollars for the watch. I then looked up a small watch store named Arlington Coin and Watchworks. When I picked out a band the guy said it would be a little small, but happily put it on for me. The watch looks great! I just wanted a new band, not for someone to refuse to help me altogether!
Wesley M.
Columbus, OH
For over two years I purchased Panfora charms to completely fill a bracelet. From the first purchase the folks at Meyers promoted the idea that if the bracelet became too small then they would just trade it for the next size. When the time finally came they said that had never been their policy and what would they do with a bunch of used bracelets. I decided then that I needed to do business with someone a little more ethical and they obviously don't need by business.
Jerry H.
Grove City, OH
I went there on 4/1/13 to get an engagement ring and Scott (owner) the only person in the company that can handle the the purchasing of an engagement ring kept us waiting for his arrival. Upon his arrival he assisted me in locating the ring that I wanted. My fiancee went to look at Movado watches and the sales lady stopped her conversation and proceeded to stare at him as if he was going to attempt to steal the watch, all the while I was sitting in the office getting financing for bridal set I was getting. He came back and began to tell me about his experience and the poor lady that was helping me looked embarrassed as if she had seen this before.

Anyway i continued to purchase the ring, later my fiancee continued to tell me the story and refused to return to the store after being treated with that much disrespect. Paid the ring off in 4 days when I was financed with 90 days same as cash because I could not force him to endure that disrespect again. I got the ring resized to fit my finger and I am confused as to why my engagement ring fits loosely and the wedding band fits as it should snuggly on my finger when they were resized together.

So the nightmare continues... He asked Scott (owner) for an appraisal on the ring and he was told that he could not do that now, but would mail it out. 24 days later and 3 calls back to this company I have yet to receive this appraisal. I was told by 2 sales reps one 4/13 and the other 4/23 that it had been pulled and Scott (owner) was the only one in this family owned business that could do the appraisal, and they could not explain why it would take Scott (owner) 24 days to do this when normally it takes only one. As I told the sales lady on the phone I would like to have Scott (owner) call me back to explain why a one day process is taking 24 days and still is not done.

I went and purchased my fiancee ring at Kay Jewelers and noticed upon me entering I did not have to wait for 1 person to assist. I noticed they had a bigger variety of rings and noticed more unique that I had not seen before. I also noticed that they gave me the appraisal on the new ring I purchased for him without me even asking for it. So I began to notice that going to a small family owned business is not always the best and as I told the sales lady that I would NEVER SHOP there AGAIN. I would also recommend anyone who is looking to by a ring or any jewelry do not let the whole family owned business make you think that you will receive better treatment that clearly is not the case with Meyers Jewelers!!! I would have returned the ring if it had not been all sales final and the ring has be resized to fit my finger. BE WARNED.
Jewelz K.
Columbus, OH

I went into Meyers Jewelers today to look at wedding bands - Hearts on Fire. I stood looking at the rings for over 10 minutes and was never approached. They had about 4 employees up at the counter doing absolutely nothing and no one came over or greeted my fiance and I as we walked in. If they were not the only Hearts on Fire dealer around I would NEVER go to them. My fiance and I purchased a $15,000 wedding ring and we were treated like trash today. I can only imagine how they would treat other customers if I walked out feeling that way. I ended up leaving because I am not spending my time somewhere that doesn't appreciate me as a customer. I don't care if I spend $100 or $100,000 a store should never treat customers this way. I agree with a prior review, for a "family business" they definitely do treat you just like another number.
Elizabeth Y.
Grove City, OH
Its taken me a whle to get around to writing this. but better late than never.

For a "family business" they definately treated my husband like another number when he bought me earrings here for Christmas. He found the perfect pair of emerald cut peridot studs at Meyers, dispite the nonexistant sales help, and when he purchased the earrings, they apparently just threw them in the box (one wasn't even in the holder), and the box was USED AND MESSED UP... what a joke.. it was falling apart and looked like they picked it up out of the trash. My husband was appalled when I opened the box, because they had wisked the earrings away and brought them back to him wrapped so he hadn't actually seen the inside of the box.

When we called to get another box, they basically told us we were crazy and that couldn't have happened. After bringing in the box, we got a half-hearted "sorry" and a new box.

there are SO MANY jewelry stores in Columbus, spend your money at one that actually cares about helping customers and not just getting them out the revolving door!
Jenni D.
Dublin, OH
Great service and prices. Very knowledgable and helpful staff. I went to three places in search of an engagement ring and this was by far the place with the best selection and where I felt the most comfortable. Ask for Jeff.
Chris B.
Grandview Heights, Columbus, OH
I had a great experience looking for a diamond for my engagement ring. First of all I purchased my engagement band and wedding band at Diamond Cellar. I had close family recomend Myers jewlers to me. The first night I went I met Shawn who was awesome. She spent countless hours with me eductaing me and looking at many diamonds. It was great having there honest opions and expertise to point me in the right direction. In the end I found the perfect diamond way under what I was expecting to pay. All in all I could not be any happier with the service and products and wished I would have stopped in to Myers jewlers in the first place and saved all the hassle and money. Will gladly do buisness again!
Richard M.
Pickerington, OH
Very helpful, educated salespeople...pleasure.
Shannon B.
Grove City, OH
When in need of anything jewelery- related, Meyers Jewelers is the place to go, EVERY time! From the very first visit, Meyers has made my Husband and I feel like family, especially Shawn- who knows everything about EVERYTHING Hearts On Fire. We always leave with all of our questions answered, and are never rushed to make a quick decision. We recommend them to family/friends/coworkers all the time. Thanks Meyers Jewelers!
Amber C.
Columbus, OH
My family has been customers for three generations now. My parents bought from the South High Street store and now my son is a frequent customer. His latest purchase was an engagement ring which Tracy Carter helped him design. Being on a first name basis we always have our needs satisfied. Tracy, Shawn and Jeff are our favorites though we have never been disappointed with any employee. I would love to win the earrings but would have written this review anyway. The Kitchen family are longtime customers and I don't see that changing in the future.
Bridget K.
Columbus, OH
My fiance bought my engagement ring here and we had the best possible experience! Shawn went above and beyond to make sure we were happy and educated about the purchase. She was not pushy but knowledgeable and friendly. I appreciated everything she did and how welcome she made us feel! :)
Emily K.
Logan, OH
This year for Christmas, I went to Meyers for all of my Pandora beads and ended up buying other items there. Even though I wasn't buying big ticket items, they treated me with respect and packaged the gifts I bought in pretty boxes and tissue paper. I was very impressed and pleased. This is the second time I've had personnel there make me feel special when I was buying, but not spending a lot. Consequently, when it's time to buy big ticket items (or more Pandora, phone cases, etc) I wouldn't consider going any place else!
Chris W.
Grove City, OH
I originally went to Meyers jewelers because they were the only place in the surrounding area that carried ArtCarved engagement rings. After my (soon to be fiancée!) saw the ring she decided she would like a different style better. Shawn was amazingly accommodating through the whole process which took a couple visits. She was very friendly and at no point did I feel rushed to make a decision or talked down to. I looked at nearly every solitaire engagement ring and through every one in the oversized catalogue before coming to my conclusion. So glad I came in and thanks for everything!
Zach B.
Galloway, OH
I have been going to Meyers since they was on south high street at southland mall then when I went into their store at georgesville and west broad street one of the gentlemen that work at their south store remembered me whether I have cash to buy things straight out or if I have to put it in layaway it is the only jewelery store I will go to I have been going there for almost 30 years and have not had one problem and my son goes there now
Peggy W.
Columbus, OH
THE PLACE for Pandora, wouldn't go anyplace else. Knowledgable friendly staff. Great prices. Will return again and again.
Mariann B.
Columbus, OH
Whether I am shopping for Pandora, Alex and Ani, or just making my occasional stop in to add to my window shopping "wish list" I am ALWAYS welcomed, and greeted by the friendliest staff. I have shopped other jewelers where the experiences aren't so great. I never feel rushed, and I always leave happy. Meyer's Jewelers loves their customers, and their business like they love their own family.
Jacci C.
Grove City, OH
The absolute most friendly store I have ever been to. Scott and Jeff Are amazing and always willing to help. I would never shop anywhere else. Great items for any occasion or gift. I am a long time customer. Always enjoy visiting Meyers, always make me feel welcome like family.
Liza W.
Sabina, OH
My first visit to Meyers was for an engagment ring, Scott was very helpful and spent a good deal of time going over everything. Since then I moved to TN. and was searching for a place to get her a wedding ring. After a few months of looking around we decided to take a road trip back to Meyers. She loved the service and selection. We are customers for life, it's worth the drive. I would highly recommend visiting if you are in the area.
Robert W.
Bristol, TN
Great experience!!! It was fun and easy. Everyone was very helpful. I'll be going back for all my jewelry needs.
Nathan K.
Lockbourne, OH
After looking for the perfect ring for a few weeks, I finally fell in love! We went to Meyer's first because it was close and were impressed by the relaxed sales approach and large selection. I saw a few pieces I liked, but wanted to shop around. We tried Diamond Cellar at Easton. It was a terrible experience thanks to a pushy, deceitful salesman who was more interested in opening a credit card than helping us find the perfect ring. At that point we went back to Meyer's. We worked with Shawn. She is AMAZING. It's obvious she's passionate about jewelry and shares her knowledge in a way that's easy to understand. She never once pushed us to buy, but when we said we were ready there were some great financing options - real financing, not a credit card. One of the owners even took the time to congratulate us on the purchase and engagement even though the store was really busy. It was a 5 star experience all around. I will never buy jewelry anywhere else!
J. P.
Galloway, OH
The staff wasn't great, neither was the selection. we passed.
Jenna P.
Dublin, OH
Meyers Jewelers is the worst example of customer service there is. I took my Breitling watch in to get it resized and the response was "you will just have to leave it as these are really tough to do." In addition, I was given a lecture on how I should have bought the watch from them (at $800 over the price I paid). Contrast this to the Diamond Cellar where they took care of me in 15 minutes with NO sales pressure (guess where I am buying my next watch...NOT AT MEYERS!).
Taimur M.
Columbus, OH
Very bad Customer Service, Do not shop at this store. They will not take care of you after the sale.
Grannyk W.
Columbus, OH
Horrible. Crappy hours, high prices, snotty staff. Very condescending towards us when we asked if we could get a ring we bought elsewhere sized. I was excited about rings until I walked into this store. Never again.
Laura M.
Grove City, OH
Best part of this establishment is, I will not feel awkward to have not so much money, yet want to buy something for the special someone. they always find something that is compatible with the money I have!

Meyers's diamond selection is huge. They showed me about 10 options that fitted my request. I did not feel any rush during the whole process.

Thank you Meyers Jewelers.
Joseph T.
Columbus, OH
Stopped in to get my ring sized (have I lost weight since we got engaged?) They told me that since it's kind of wide, and tungsten, it couldn't be sized and that if I had bought it there they would just send it back for another size. They suggested I take it back to where I got it, which I will. Friendly, not pushing to sell me something... I'd go back.
Mark K.
Columbus, OH

42 Item(s)